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Because our goal is to have zero accidents, we maintain an active program of safety and accident management for all mechanical systems and service. Our program includes identifying and eliminating work hazards, responding quickly and effectively to all safety issues, and assisting and supporting injured employees whenever and wherever possible. Occupational injuries hurt everyone – injured employees, their family, their co-workers, and our company. We will manage any workers’ compensation claim by ensuring that the injured employee receives prompt, appropriate medical treatment. All accidents will be analyzed to determine the cause and to prevent recurrence, not to place blame. Injured employees will have modified-duty developed for them, and will be expected to continue contributing to the work team while recovering from their injuries. We expect everyone to remain interested and involved with safety management and to contribute to our overall goals.


In July 2004, J.J. Bafaro, Inc was accepted into the ABC Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Group (ABC MA SIG). The Group is made up of open shop general and subcontractors in the construction industry throughout Massachusetts. The primary goals of SIG are aggressive prevention of claims and lower cost of claims. SIG’s members focus on aggressive prevention through extensive loss control, jobsite inspections, and training. In addition, its members strive for lower cost of claims through aggressive claims management, meaningful light duty, programs, and a continuous communication via an online claims system. By joining the ABC MA SIG, J.J. Bafaro Inc. has chosen along with the other 28 members to make workplace safety a priority.

Safety Highlights

Some of the highlights of our safety highlights are as follows:

  • Winner of ABC MA Self Insurance Group 2006 Best Return To Work Program
  • Loss ratios under 10% for 2006 and 2007
  • All employees, including apprentices, receive the OSHA 10 hour Safety Course
  • Weekly “Toolbox” talks at each construction site
  • Safety incentive programs and contests
  • Every applicant is required to undergo and pass a drug screening
  • A final offer of employment is conditional, based on the results of the drug screening exam